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Man Down


Man Down
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Man Down

Actor(s) : Kevin Azais, Adele Haenel, Antoine Laurent

Director(s) : Thomas Cailley

Synopsis : In mourning for his father, Arnaud gives a helping hand to his brother Manu, carpenter. He does not know what he will do with his life, when his friends register him for a demonstration of struggle organized by an army recruiter. His opponent is a tall, solid-bodied girl, named Madeleine, who nails him quickly to the floor. He has no choice but to bite it to get rid of it. Shortly afterwards, he saw again the beautiful retive with his parents, customers of Manu, and he enrolls after him in an internship of the army. Madeleine does not manage to integrate with the commando, of which she refuses the rules, just as she refuses Arnaud. After having given him some truths, Arnaud leaves in the forest, followed shortly by the young woman. While they survive in the wilderness, the soldier finally accepts Arnaud's love. A fire broke out, which would solder their bond.

Classification : General

Genre : Comedy

Length : 1h38

Standard format : 4.49$

HD : 6.49$


Broadcast date Canal Format All formats
  • All formats
  • Standard format
  • High def
Saturday 24 June 15:30 INDIGO 2 High def
Tuesday 27 June 13:45 INDIGO 2 High def
Thursday 29 June 11:00 INDIGO 2 High def


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