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The Assignment


The Assignment
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The Assignment

Actor(s) : Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Tony Shalhoub

Director(s) : Hill Walter

Synopsis : Determined to punish her brother's murderer, Dr. Rachel Kay uses his influence with organized crime to hand him over to Frank Kitchen, who is responsible for the murder. An eminent aesthetic surgeon who has been written off for embezzlement, she transforms the body of man into that of a woman to satisfy his vengeance. Upon awakening, Frank, disturbed by his new appearance, is particularly disoriented, until his instincts of hacker take over. Slowly, it goes back the trail of those who betrayed it and intends to make them pay dearly for their deceit.

Classification : 13 +

Genre : Drama

Length : 1h36

Standard format : 4.49$

HD : 6.49$


Broadcast date Canal Format All formats
  • All formats
  • Standard format
  • High def
Wednesday 26 July 08:15 INDIGO 1 Standard format
Wednesday 26 July 08:15 INDIGO 2 High def
Saturday 29 July 09:15 INDIGO 1 Standard format
Saturday 29 July 09:15 INDIGO 2 High def
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